''Deeds For Needy'' is a non-governmental organization founded in the year 2011. We are focused on developing individuals and communities in India by helping, motivating and inspiring people living without hope. Our prime focus is to help orphan children, Albino children, widows and people living in poverty. Our focus is not simply charity, but charity leading to productivity and self-sufficiency. We are dedicated to working mainly with children in order to make this world a better place for coming generations.

Who we are

Charity leading to productivity and self-sufficiency Deeds For Needy Society was founded in the year 2011 and is located in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. It is registered under the Act of Registration of Societies and is recognised by the Indian government. We provide education and residential care for orphan and destitute children, support Albino children and widows both financially and emotionally. The organization is growing everyday and reaching individuals in need. Since 2016 we have been involved in building a permanent facility for orphans with a capacity of 60 children which is an emergency need. From the beginning we are supported by churches inside India and now we want to serve more efficiently and inviting donors from around the world to be part and encouragement for this great mission of helping poor and needy Our Motivation: To provide good quality of Christian services to the orphaned, children with albinism and widows in a caring culture of measurable excellence.

Our Leadership

Deeds For Needy is started by our beloved couple, Solomon Raj and Emelya Rani. Solomon Raj is a person with albinism who was born into a strict Hindu family in a small village in South India. When he was 16, he first heard the Gospel and then expressed his wish to become a Christian to his family. In 1985, he was baptized into Christ and as a result his family betrayed him and banished him from their house due to their were against christianity. After being baptized, he started learning the Bible immediately and became involved in ministry. He married to Emelya rani in 1990 and started their ministry together having a motivation of Evangelism, Edification and Benevolence. In Spite of persecution, financial struggles they were preaching gospel and doing good deeds from past 26 years. God blessed their ministry abundantly and as a result Bro. Solomon Raj have baptized more than 3000 people into christ and started Churches in various of parts of South india. From the beginning Benevolence is heart of their ministry and they were involved in helping orphaned and destitute children, children with albinism and widows personally. In the year of 2011 they have started Deeds For Needy Society in order to serve more legally and efficiently.


E-mail: Contact@deedsforneedy.org
Phone: +91 87456 7890

Our Address

Head Office: 5-44,MVR Nagar,
Nandigama, Krishna Dt
Andhra Pradesh, india

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